How to Extract Email Contacts From Facebook For Your Email Campaigns

Ever thought about how important social media is to your brand? Well we all know that social media is basically used as a speak of brand to consumers and feedbacks are gotten back quickly.

What if we told you that your social media is very important to your email campaigns?

We all know that getting email leads are the basic problems brands faced by nmost brands. You either buy leads or create subscriptions forms to get emails of potential clients which u most people will always opt out. Most people really don’t want to see emails prompting them to buy or click on something.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world and one secret about it is that most people signed up on the platform using their Emails and they are stored somewhere, but what if you could have access to emails of your friends. You might be wondering on how to extract emails contacts from Facebook

Since most of your friends know the sort of business you run, your email campaigns get to them and pricks their mind once again .

There is a way to go about extracting emails from your Facebook and we’ve made it easy and simple for you to get around it.

Follow these steps on how to extract emails contacts from Facebook

1. Sign up for a free Yahoo Account.

2. Now that you’ve signed up for (or signed into) your Yahoo Mail account, you’re ready to import email from Facebook. It’s really easy to do. If you just signed up, you should see a prompt to import contacts from Facebook, G-mail, Hotmail, and other sources. (If you already had a Yahoo Mail account, just click over to the Import Contacts tool.) Click on Facebook, grant Yahoo access to your Facebook account, and then just wait as the contacts are exported from Facebook and imported to Yahoo.

3. Following the two easy steps above, you should be seeing the email addresses of your Facebook friends under the contacts of your Yahoomail Account.

4. Create a G-mail account or log in to your previous G-mail Account

5. Click on the gear account as illustrated below:

6. Upon clicking on the gear icon, click on settings.

7. Under settings, click on “Accounts & Import”

8. Proceed to import e-mail contacts from the new yahoo mail containing all the Facebook emails.

9. Upon completion, you will get a notification to update you on the status of the process.

10. Now that we have all e-mail addresses of our Facebook friends on Google, the next step is to export this contacts via G-mail export contacts feature.

11. Upon exporting these contacts from G-mail in ,csv format, these contacts can be imported into your desired/chosen e-mail marketing platform

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